Recent Portfolio

We have had the honour and privilege of working with a variety of great companies and non profit organizations.

Doing great work for great companies is very rewarding.  Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Below is a sample of our work.  Click here for recent website design launches.

  • Cache Metals Inc.
    Cache Metals Inc.
    Live Price Feeds + Awesome Design.
  • Canadian Golf Supers Association
    Canadian Golf Supers Association
    Customized Drupal + Membership Registration.
  • ALS Society of Canada
    ALS Society of Canada
    CMS + Drupal application development.
  • Chef Events - Culinary Rockstars
    Chef Events, Culinary Rockstars
    Tasty design with a thirst quenching layout.
  • Toronto Beer Festival
    Toronto Beer Festival
    Warning, it will make you thirsty!
  • Responsible Gaming Resource Centre
    Responsible Gaming Resource Centre
    Customized Drupal Development.
  • My Brain Matters (NHCC)
    My Brain Matters (NHCC)
    CMS + Drupal application development.
  • Dictionary Project
    Dictionary Project
    Drupal & Custom Mapping module.
  • Planet in Focus
    Planet in Focus
    Learn and invent; Watch and enjoy.
  • Canadian Newspaper Association
    Canadian Newspaper Association
    Anything to do with news, come here.
  • Interval House
    Interval House
    Public site (launching soon).
  • ALS Ontario
    ALS Society of Ontario
    Large overhaul and now using our exclusive donation system.
  • IDS 11
    Interior Design Show 11
    CMS + Custom Drupal module development.
  • Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario
    Custom developed membership renewal system and design facelift.
  • Sir Kearney Landing
    Sir Kearney Landing
    Tranquil villas in the Muskokas.
  • DFX Trade
    DFX Trade
    Financial systems, CMS + more.
  • Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario
    Facelift for an Ontario charity.
  • Pediatric Onocology Group of Ontario
    Pediatric Onocology Group of Ontario
    Facelift with donation software integration.
  • Interval House
    Interval House
    Extranet Site, private access only.
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
    Canadian Diabetes Association
    Election portal.
  • CATIE - Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C Info
    Bilingual site with redesign and custom ASP.NET development.
  • Red Door Shelter
    Red Door Shelter
    Customized CMS and Donation Systems (PCI Compliant).
  • ALS Society of Canada
    ALS Society of Canada
    Donation systems + events and content management system.
  • Newspaper Audience Databank
    Newspaper Audience Databank
    CMS and custom Drupal development.
  • Canadian Newspaper Linage System
    Canadian Newspaper Linage System
    Private access only - used by all daily newspapers across Canada!)
  • Diallog Communications
    Diallog Communications
    CMS + Custom development.
  • Rob Rainford (Chef)
    Rob Rainford (Chef)
    Visit Chef Rob Rainford.
  • Huntington Society
    Huntington Society
    Donation software.
  • Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness
    Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness
    Content Management System + Custom Development.
  • Toronto Catering
    Toronto Catering
    Customized Drupal Development.
  • Explore Dentists
    Explore Dentists
    Custom Drupal + Directory Development.
  • Planet in Focus
    Brochure Mailing Systems.
  • Allied Health
    Allied Health
    Government web site with a complete re-design.
  • Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corp
    First Nations web site re-designed and custom development.
  • Associated Hebrew Schools
    Associated Hebrew Schools
    Full re-design and custom Drupal addins.
  • Home Loans Canada
    CIBC - Home Loans Canada
    Custom development for mortgage specialists.
  • Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
    Facelift with our Donation Software integration.
  • Vassos Law
    Vassos Law Firm
    Professional design/layout for a great law firm.
  • Queer Beer Festival
    Queer Beer Festival
    Drupal CMS and vibrant color scheme design.
  • Folic Acid
    Folic Acid
    Fresh new design with custom Drupal CMS.
  • Ben K.S. Lee Studio
    Ben K.S. Lee Studio
    New website to exhibit art work by Ben Lee.