Donation Software

With years of expertise, eons of planning and development, Intrigue has built solid, secure, industry leading donation software.  Starting from our original concept database design from 10 years ago, we have optimized and streamlined the software over the years; moving from Microsoft ASP.NET proprietary software to a full fledged, Object Oriented, PHP-based system.

Intrigue's donation software has helped nonprofits meet and exceed fundraising projections.  Intrigue takes pride in offering cost effective solutions for nonprofits which help them raise funds online in a secure and efficient manner.  We keep the donor experience at the forefront of design and development to ensure a high conversion rate.  

Intrigue's donation software is sold at an affordable price, helping to reduce cost barriers for small nonprofits; our software can be installed and configured to virtually any credit card merchant. 

In addition to donation software we offer our expertise in Internet marketing, hosting and other mission critical Internet strategies to all clients.

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