Software Development & Setup

We offer YOU turn-key solutions

Intrigue develops and supports numerous software components. Our products are available for purchase individually, or for use in custom web projects.

In addition to packaged solutions and third party solutions, we also custom build software specifically tailored to your needs.  We can build to specification, or take you through the process of software development from concept, prototyping through to testing and launch.  As always, and to your benefit, we always service what we sell so that you can rest assured your software product will work well, as intended, for years to come.

Our software services include:

Nonprofit donation software

Fueled by the need for no-commission donation alternatives, Intrigue's online donation software allows your visitors to easily and securely donate to your cause with no additional per-donation usage fees. After all, every penny counts!

Nonprofit event software

Intrigue offers a variety of solutions that help nonprofit organizations maximize donations while minimizing costs.  In addition to calendaring solutions we also custom program fundraising software.

Our event software enables participants to create websites to raise funds for your worthy cause, and is easily integrating with your existing website.  We also offer the following nonprofit services custom tailored for your success, including:

  • Intrigue's Donation Software (online demo & white paper)
  • E-commerce modules (transaction processing + billing)
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Newsletter management components
  • Shopping cart systems
  • Directory software
  • Online quote & survey systems
  • Event photography systems
  • And many more...

All of our software solutions are affordable, secure, and reliable. Please contact us for more information.

Can't find it? Let us build it for you.

We create innovative systems for unique ideas or custom requirements.  If you can imagine it, we can build it. 

Contact us for more information about how we can help you meet your objectives.

Website Design Highlights
Red Door underwent a successful redesign, Gifts Giving and Drupal system overhaul. The result is a friendly, intuitive and content-rich site that's super easy to update.
ALSBC re-launched their website with a slick design, strong message and simpler content management solution.
With a growing marketplace for precious metals in these turbulent times, bullion dealers are at the forefront of sales in a very competitive marketplace.
SBHAO now has an effective, visually stunning website with a Drupal content management system that makes keeping the site up-to-date a breeze.