ALS Society of Canada

ALS Society of Canada using Drupal

ALS Canada updated their website and moved from Microsoft to Drupal 7. Site updates now take half the time, allowing staff to update the site twice as often.

In addition to the Drupal overhaul, the site now boasts a custom file management system for board members, volunteers and constituents.  ALS Canada is able to create and remove users in order to oversee access to this repository of files.  The system was built as a custom Drupal module and has allowed staff to keep all files in one place, easy to manage, easy to update, and easy to grow.

The move to Drupal has allowed staff to not only keep news updated and site pages, but has also created the ability to highlight important events through a custom homepage slider management tool. 

The move to Drupal has been well received and has empowered the client to keep their entire audience captivated and updated as news about ALS and associated events is made available.

Drupal, 1, the competition, 0.


Website Design Highlights
His pyrotechnic charm and fearless culinary spirit makes Ted Reader the Barbecue Kingpin and now he's got a website to match his personality.
Event-centric, theme appropriate, clean, organized and with a focus on donations.  What more could you ask for from a fundraising site?
With a growing marketplace for precious metals in these turbulent times, bullion dealers are at the forefront of sales in a very competitive marketplace.
Chef Events launched with a mouth watering design that's almost as tasty as the treats the chefs it represents create.