Content Management Systems

In todays fast placed Internet market place keeping content updated and lively is of the utmost importance.

Our clients benefit from properly installed, professionally setup and easy-to-use content management systems (CMS).  These systems allow staff or individuals to keep content up-to-date in real-time without the expense of having to contact developers or designers to complete the work.  This means fast turnaround and quick additions to the site, encouraging repeat visitors while keeping costs of maintenance low.

Intrigue has custom CMS software that has been tried and tested for many years and used by many of our clients.  We also sell professional Drupal CMS support, development and maintenance for clients that prefer an open source alternative.

Our staff is expertly trained to customize Drupal in any aspect. 

All of our CMS solutions are secured with permission based access that allows you to outline who can change what, and which staff has access to what parts of your site.  

Worried about access, hackers or intruders?  We have you covered!

Why a CMS?

Content management systems make your website extremely flexible and easy to manage.  They empower clients to make their own changes and updates to content, menus, promotional areas and images throughout the site. 

The cost of contracting a company to manage your company's content can add up, but having the power to use a simple but powerful interface that allows you to manage the sites content and menus will save your company a lot of expenses. 

Would you like to learn more?  Would you like a free demo?  Give us a call or contact us.

Website Design Highlights
Event-centric, theme appropriate, clean, organized and with a focus on donations.  What more could you ask for from a fundraising site?
ALSBC re-launched their website with a slick design, strong message and simpler content management solution.
With a growing marketplace for precious metals in these turbulent times, bullion dealers are at the forefront of sales in a very competitive marketplace.
We've developed an online 0xBitcoin Mining Portal.  This is our first foray into cryptocurrency and working with the Ethereum blockchain.  The pool is mobile friendly, based on NodeJS, NGINX and Redis, and is a mineable erc20 Ethereum Token. If you'd like to get involved please visit our 0xBitcoin Pool and get in touch through discord. Have a spare GPU on your PC? Considering mining to start your interest in cryptocurrency and mineable tokens on the blockchain.