Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services

Need a hand with design?

From templates to logo design, brochures to flyers, Intrigue Design offers a variety of graphic design services to serve your organizational needs - both for Web and print.

Illustration & Logo Design

We can develop a variety of custom graphics, logo designs and other illustrative projects for your organization. Whether you're starting from scratch, in need of a new identity, or just looking for some additions to your site, we can help.

Templates & Interface Design

Developing your own site or project in-house? Let our design team start you off right with a professional look at a fair price. From corporate templates to entertaining designs, we can develop layouts that keep your visitors informed and engaged.

Mobile Design and Application Development

Looking to build something for the mobile space?  We've got experience designing for specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and many others.  Perhaps you're looking to leverage a single design across multiple platforms - we can help create a compatible and consistent look for numerous handheld devices.

Flash and Ajax Development

We are well versed in rich-media development, from streaming videos, embedded audio, presentations and game development. Online marketing materials such as banner advertisements and interactive media included.  Or, perhaps you're looking for offline materials such as CD/DVD-Rom development.  We can help with all of your rich media needs.

3D Modeling & Animation

We can produce both static and animated renderings, from logo designs to walkthroughs. Our rendering team works with 3D Studio Max and Maya, able to work with existing objects or provide custom modeling.

Graphic design print services

Print Material Development

Intrigue Design can develop a variety of print material for your organization, including CD/DVD-Roms, business cards, brochures and more.

Whatever your needs, our graphic design team will work hand-in-hand to ensure that your vision becomes a unique, showcase-worthy reality.

Website Design Highlights
Red Door underwent a successful redesign, Gifts Giving and Drupal system overhaul. The result is a friendly, intuitive and content-rich site that's super easy to update.
ALSBC re-launched their website with a slick design, strong message and simpler content management solution.
We've developed an online 0xBitcoin Mining Portal.  This is our first foray into cryptocurrency and working with the Ethereum blockchain.  The pool is mobile friendly, based on NodeJS, NGINX and Redis, and is a mineable erc20 Ethereum Token. If you'd like to get involved please visit our 0xBitcoin Pool and get in touch through discord. Have a spare GPU on your PC? Considering mining to start your interest in cryptocurrency and mineable tokens on the blockchain.
SBHAO now has an effective, visually stunning website with a Drupal content management system that makes keeping the site up-to-date a breeze.